Want to find a way to achieve unique home décor, stress-free and on a budget? Why not follow some of our key combinations for interior design ideas for different rooms in your home!

1.Combine Fabrics with Paint

Achieve a modern look by combining luxurious Cozy Curtainz Fabrics for your made to measure curtains and roman blinds, and Double Empire Grey, a rich and regal Elite Emulsion paint by Zoffany – for under £100! 

Zoffany paint samples available in store for £5! All other paints available at: https://distinctiverickmansworth.co.uk/shop/


Under £100 - Sanderson Paints - Modern Fabrics

2.Combine Candles with Wallpaper

Looking for bedroom design ideas? Why not try Designers Guild Candles – available in store for £22.50! Couture Rose Candle a Peony and Rose fragrance – unashamedly floral like a heady bouquet of summer hand-picked blossoms and pair this with Designer Guild floral Wallpaper Surimono in a Tuberose colourway for only £65 per roll.

Find our Designers Guild Home Fragrance Collections here

Under £100 - Designers Guild Candles - Wallpaper


3.Combine Cushions with Fabric:

Searching for a luxury, contemporary living room interior design for under £100? Why not try our bespoke silver dotted cushion costing only £14.50 (limited time sale) and pair it with a similar speckled DIZZ fabric, Grimaldi, for your curtains and blinds, costing only £15.48 per meter!

Cushion available here

Under £100 - Cushion Dizz Fabric

4.Combine Paints with Cushions

Need bedroom decor ideas? Why not brighten up your room with bold Sanderson paint colours, Wild Plum Light and Rhodera, sample pots are available in store costing only £5. Pair this with our large bespoke cushions to dress your bed, whilst also tying in the vibrant Sanderson paint colours. Cushion costs £40 and consists of Designers Guild fabric Tulipani Linen.

Sanderson paints can be found here

Under £100 - Sanderson Paints - Designers Guild Cushion

5.Combine Paints with Wallpaper

Our final home decor idea is to create a feature wall! You can achieve this by selecting a wallpaper, such as Graham & Brown Lotus Flower wallpaper costing £15.99 a roll and pair this with a complementary paint colour, such as Zoffany Dufour paint. Sample paints pots available in store for £5. 

Shop the Zoffany paint range here

Under £100 - Zoffany Paint Dufour Wallpaper