Here at Distinctive Rickmansworth, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services. As designers and manufacturers of interior furnishings, our expertise lies in creating decorative solutions and accessories that not only blend in with any home improvement or interior design application, but also enhance them and make them a worthwhile investment.

If you are looking for some home decor inspiration, why not take a look at one of our recent interior design projects and see what we could also do for you…!

Let us take a small tour, room by room (click or tap on the pictures to enlarge):

Entrance Hall

All entrance halls need to be grand and impactful – first impressions are everything and this will set the tone for the rest of the house!
Here we have selected a stylish Zoffany wallpaper to line the walls and have accompanied this with Zoffany Acrylic Eggshell paint in Perfect White for the interior woodwork – giving this room a fresh and contemporary finish.
As well as creating beautiful wall decor, we have installed a bespoke self-stacking, sheer Roman Blind to soften the window and complete the room!

Main Bedroom

Interior design in the main bedroom, is all about creating a luxurious boudoir feel!
Here we have selected a sheer Roller Blind to dress the window, accompanied with a bespoke self-stacking, blackout Roman Blind and all neatly concealed behind a personalised complimentary-coloured pelmet.
We have chosen a textured wallpaper as a feature wall to be placed behind the custom buttoned Headboard, and have continued this buttoned effect within the room by adding a tailor-made buttoned Ottoman under the window.
For additional room decor accessories, we have added our bespoke Cushions and Bedspread, highlighting the accent colours from the feature wallpaper within the room.

Second Bedroom

Another home improvement tip is continuation. Creating a flow throughout your home is essential to achieve a stylish and completed look.
Therefore, we have included a similar made-to-measure buttoned Headboard in the second bedroom and have accompanied this with a bespoke Bedspread and matching Cushions, all from a similar colour pallet to the main bedroom.
However, whilst wanting to stay in keeping with the continued colour scheme, another interior design idea, is to try to inject additional colours into rooms via accessories. For instance within this room, by using hanging pictures and also different coloured cushions, this has changed the feel of the bedroom entirely, although the overall room colour has reminded the same.


Third bedroom

With the third bedrooms interior decoration, we have continued the buttoned Headboard theme, with a similar colour scheme to the previous two rooms, along with a hand-made bedspread and matching cushions to dress the bed.  A modern solution to privacy is to use a sheer roller blind during the day. This will allow enough light into your room, whilst also providing you with the security you need. We have paired the roller blind with a bespoke blackout, self-stack Roman Blind, which will prevent the sunlight from seeping into your room first thing in the morning whilst you are trying to sleep!

Kitchen and Dining Room

No home improvement project is complete without improving the kitchen. Sometimes all it takes is one element to make a big change – we have selected a self-stack Roman blind, which is in keeping with the colour scheme and modern aesthetic of the room.

The dining room interior is elegant and luxurious – just what you need to create a room for fine dining! We have installed a floor-length Eyelet Curtain with a wave heading, this beautiful fabric not only adds a rich and lavish feel to the room but also adds insulation – making them a perfect and practical feature. As well as curtains, we have included stunning, bespoke Upholstered Dining Chairs and bar stools, matching in style but differing in colour. The addition of another colour through seating is another great way to inject new colours into an already established colour scheme – enhancing both the comfort and style in the room.

TV Lounge

Bespoke and made to measure furnishings are key to creating unique home decor – you won’t find anything else quite like it!
Here we have created a custom buttoned pelmet with a matching coloured fabric for the blackout Curtains, finished with a wave heading. We have also included different cushion sets to add colour and comfort to the room.


When looking for tiles for a bathroom, it’s often difficult to find a tile with both a pattern and colour that you like. So why not introduce pattern and colour into your room through blinds?
Here we have added a bespoke made self-stack Roman Blind to the window, with a subtle pattern and now adding two new colours into the room!

From curtains to wallpaper – we’ve got all areas covered!

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