What makes Navy blue so special? Is it the elegant dark hue, reminiscent of royalty and sophistication or is it a subconscious reminder of the deep blue sea? Though the colour might be as old as the early universe, its name has a more recent origin, dating back to the British Royal Navy officers according to this source. If you love Navy blue and are looking for combinations to make your home or office interior beautiful, we’ve made this short list to inspire you!

1. Silver Intertwined Lines Cushion

Silver Ringed Lines Cushion (small) A small, yet elegant scatter cushion, will make the perfect addition to any stylish bed or sofa. Silver sequin ringed lines on a beige cotton background cushion.

Silver Intertwined Lines Cushion

2. Beige Tile Patterned Cushion

A medium sized cushion, with a silky-satin feel. Beige tiled pattern on a silver background.

Beige Tile Patterned Cushion

3. Navy Blue Velvet Piped Cushion

A soft velvet cushion with a piped edging in a deep navy blue. Fabric such as velvet is one of the best ways to add comfort to your sofa.

Navy Blue Velvet Piped Cushion

4. Sky Blue Hatched Cushion

Sky-blue Hatched Cushion A handmade sky-blue, piped cushion with a hatched texture.

Sky Blue Hatched Cushion

5. Navy Blue Bird Cushion

Part of our new collection, this navy cushion with a beige centre design with a variety of flying birds, creates a fresh and unique look for any bed or sofa.

Navy Blue Bird Cushion

6. Teal & Silver Two-Colour Cushion

A large sized two-coloured cushion, with a zig-zag teal, silver and bronze design.

Teal & Silver Two-Colour Cushion

7. White & Navy Patterned Cushion

A medium sized patterned cushion, in white a navy. The perfect way to introduce patterns and a unique design to any sofa or bedroom.

White & Navy Patterned Cushion

8. Light Grey Oblique Stripes Cushion

Light Grey Oblique Stripes Cushion Perfect in grey! A medium sized, oblique striped, grey cushion, will make a great addition to any modern seating area, such as a sofa or home office.

Light Grey Oblique Stripes Cushion

9. Dark Grey Striped Cushion

A large dark grey striped cushion. With a soft woollen feel, this cushion will provide that added comfort to your living room or bedroom.

Dark Grey Striped Cushion

What’s your favourite cushion? Let us know in the comments below!