Looking for a fresh start? Why not take a look at the colour trends for the 2021!


As we move into the new year, (and another national lockdown!), and with everyone spending more time at home again, we thought now would be a great time to begin thinking about decorating again!

Whether you live in a traditional or modern home, this year’s colour trends can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, whilst also warming your interior living spaces during the cold, winter months!


The Blues

The colour blue is associated with open spaces and freedom which is perfect for expanding your mind and inspiring imagination, whilst also creating a calming influence. Warm and rich shades also help to create a sense of depth and confidence – which is exactly what we need in uncertain times like these! Take a look below at our recommended palette for blue shades;

Farrow & Ball, Ultra Marine Blue No.W29, Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Ultra Marine Blue No.W29 Farrow & Ball Paint

Observatory No.34 Mylands Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Observatory No.34 Mylands Paint

Como Blue Zoffany Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Como Blue Zoffany Paint


The Greens

The colour of nature and life! Due to its strong associations with the natural world, the colour green often represents tranquillity and freshness and helps to bring the outdoors inside!

There are a wide variety of shades that we believe will be a big influence in this years trend. From green/blues and green/greys as well as rich emerald greens, these colours can be used for a vibrant feature wall or to create a traditional and refreshing look. Below is a selection of our favourite green shades;

Green Smoke No.47 Farrow & Ball Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Green Smoke No.47 Farrow & Ball Paint

Devon Green Sanderson Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Devon Green Sanderson Paint

Cedar Tree No.176 Designers Guild Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Cedar Tree No.176 Designers Guild Paint

The Reds

Since the colour red is often associated with danger, people often steer away from this colour when decorating their homes. However, with the deep reds and maroons that are now available, these shades are becoming more and more popular for creating a warm and luxurious, yet comforting atmosphere! Here are a selection of the perfect shades of red to use in your home;

Oriental Red Craig & Rose Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Oriental Red Craig & Rose Paint

Chinese Silk Andrew Martin Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Chinese Silk Andrew Martin Paint

Preference Red No.297 Farrow & Ball Paint, Distinctive Rickmansworth

Preference Red No.297 Farrow & Ball Paint


What colour palette would you choose? We hope that these shades will bring you the solace and brightness you need to get through the day!

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