Curtain Makers & Suppliers

bespoke, machine & hand-made curtains

We manufacture and supply Handmade Curtains, Machine-made Curtains, Sheer and Speciality Curtains, Electrically and Manually Operated, with different options in Linings (unlined, lined or interlined curtains), Pelmets & Valances, Trimmings, Eyelets and Tie Backs. Furthermore, we have a wide variety of Curtain Tracks and poles at your disposition.

Looking for something specific?

Curtains made-to-measure

Our bespoke curtain service gives you a wide selection of fabrics, all handmade in the UK, in the size, header and lining of your choice.
Whether you aim for a traditional or modern look, we can make the right curtain headers you want - Double Pleat, Triple Pleat, Goblet, Standard Tape, Wave, Pencil Pleat and more. A selection of pelmets, tie-backs and eyelets in different finishes ensure we can customise your curtains to any specification.

Our workroom produces professionally hand-made, hand sewn side and base hems. Header options include:

  • Double Pleat
  • Triple Pleat
  • Eyelet
  • Goblet
  • Standard Tape
  • Wave
  • Pencil Pleat

Machine-made Curtains

We also produce machine-made curtains, which have a slight difference in pricing for lined curtains, as well as for the unlined-curtain eyelets.


Our curtains can be Unlined, Lined curtains & Interlined curtains, each with Double, Triple & Goblet Pleated Heading, with corresponding eyelets.

Lining options are:

  • Standard or Blackout lining in Ivory or Cream colours
  • Domette pre-shrunk interlining
  • FR linings
  • Coloured linings
  • Specialists linings or interlinings

Curtains we've installed for our customers