designer paints in the United Kingdom

If you require paint, you can use our online shop Luxury Paints, where we have a growing collection of over a thousand paints. Each of them a unique colour, from the highest quality brands in the United Kingdom and internationally.

We can supply you with paint from the top brands in luxury including Farrow & Ball, Zoffany, Sanderson, Mylands and Designers Guild. If you require any accessories we can supply brushes, rollers and trays, all of the accessories you need to paint with.

As shown above, we are specialists and in contrast to many online stores, Luxury paints has a small dedicated team, a family-run business, founded in 1955. This means you will receive a personalised service from a small and dedicated team, with decades of experience in our field.

Find out some of our designer luxury paints brands

By choosing good-quality paint for your walls, you avoid the issue of applying multiple coats to conceal the original colour of the wall and other imperfections underneath.  Indeed, Luxury paint brands are also much easier to apply to a chosen surface, ensuring you spend less time brushing.

Choosing paint colours for your walls is difficult, right?

The best way to tell whether you’ve chosen the right colour is by testing it on a smaller surface first. However, we recommend you try a paint sample from any of our brands.

If you aren’t sure which colour to choose from. Try a paint sample first

Our paint samples will help you see exactly what your chosen colour will look like.

Not only do our paints come in hundreds of colours, but each of them also has different compositions that give them unique properties for different applications.


We also provide paint charts, free of charge, to give you a general idea of the choices available.

Testing our luxury paint brands always will be the best option.

Whether it’s a full house redecoration or a small project, our diverse range of paints have you covered. From floor to ceiling, inside and outside, the choice of paints we have on offer will help you get the job done right.  Also, their composition is designed to minimise the environmental impact.

If you are struggling to pick the best colour get in touch with our team and we can help you to find your own style. 

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