A frothy milky coffee colour offers a warm neutral base. Zoffany water based paints contain low VOCs (volatile organic compounds that contribute to atmospheric pollution) and Zoffany oil based paints have been specially formulated to reduce VOC content. Therefore all finished contain levels below those directed by EU legislation, making Zoffany a sustainable choice without compromising on quality.Flat EmulsionMatt paint giving an exceptionally chalky finish, which emphasises the deep pigments in each colour. The durability of this water-based emulsion is ideal for interior walls and ceilings, leaving a wipeable surface.Elite EmulsionA washable and stain resistant paint for modern living, this water-based finish is ideal for kitchens, children’s rooms and high traffic areas.Acrylic EggshellHardwearing, water-based, high opacity paint suitable for interior ceilings and walls and both interior and exterior suitable primed woodwork and metalwork. This durable acrylic eggshell paint gives a mid-sheen finish ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories leaving a washable finish.EggshellTraditional, hardwearing oil-based paint giving a low-sheen finish, resistant to steam and condensation in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories, this durable eggshell paint is ideal for interior/exterior woodwork and metalwork where washing down is intended.