Distinctive Rickmansworth

Distinctive is a showroom, a shop and hub for designers and manufacturers of soft furnishings. Inside you’ll find everything you need for your home, including BlindsCurtainsCushions, Headboards, WallpapersPaintsFabrics, Giftware and much more.

You can choose from our library of samples that showcase the quality and diversity of fabrics used to make beautiful soft furnishings. We also welcome you to visit us for a demonstration of how our products work in real life, ensuring you always make the right choice.

We are a family-run business and our founders started in 1955. Over the years, our team have gathered wide expertise across residential and commercial areas. While at the showroom, you will be able to meet and talk with our specialists, who will provide you with advice and support in a personal and friendly manner.



Our standards

  • Full expert support service to assist our customers through specification, measure and installation.
  • Full hardware support team offering expert technical advice on our own range of roman headrails and Silent Gliss hardware as well as Lutron
  • Team of experienced hand sewing specialists to work with customers own fabrics or fabrics supplied by us.
  • An exclusive line of fabrics at trade prices
  • Exceptional lead times
  1. All prices quoted are subject to the standard rate of 20% VAT.
  2. All Blinds supplied to Child Safety Standards.
  3. Cassetted Roman Blind System as standard comes with chrome. Different chains can be supplied upon request.
  4. Fabric Requirements subject to the pattern repeat. Responsibility of fabric remains with the client.
  5. Larger size roman blinds available, price on application.
  6. Shaped base to blind to be charged at £30.00 per metre.
  7. Silent Gliss & Diaz Roman Headrail Systems (Motorised available).
  8. Blind sizes only to be supplied to us, no calculations or deductions will be made by us from recess sizes.
  9. All work guaranteed for one year.
  10. Customer alterations are charged at £52.00 per hour.
  11. No Goods to be returned without prior agreement.
  12. The company is entitled to expect that the suppliers of any fabric have fully inspected the material prior to dispatch. We are free from any defects unless otherwise stated and accepted by us.
  13. Unless clearly marked, either on the fabric or on the customer’s order, the company will not accept responsibility for any disagreement between the company and the customer once the goods have been manufactured of what is considered as the face side of the fabric.
  14. All fabrics with natural fibres will shrink to some extent. Atmospheric conditions, such as temperatures and humidity do vary.
  15. 4 week standard lead time which begins on receipt of fabric and all paperwork.
  16. 2-3 week express lead time upon receipt of fabric and all paperwork, there will be a 50% uplift for this service.
  17. In the event that any part of the goods proves to be defective in workmanship, the company agrees that it will at its option rectify the defective goods or refund the buyer the price of the goods subject that the company’s liability for the fabric in excess of 5 metres is limited to a maximum trade price of £30 per metre exclusive of VAT unless notified and agreed prior to commencement of work. The trade price being determined by the fabric suppliers usual or standard trade price list is at the discount from a suggested retail selling price.
  18. Our estimated department is at your service to assist in all aspects regarding this price list and any other requirement that you have.
  • All curtains, Roman Blinds and Soft Furnishings are made to the high standards that we have adopted and manufactured for many years: If you have specific requirements of how you would like your products made, it is important that you mention this at the time of quoting so we can add any additional making costs and especially before ordering so we can ensure your products are made to the standard that you require.
  • All curtains will be pressed and packed by our workroom when they leave if you feel you would like these steamed on-site, we can do this for an additional charge, with advance notice, but it may mean your curtains will drop and that you request a drop alteration. If this is the case, this is a chargeable alteration. A steaming visit or curtain alteration will be costed following the installation and emailed to you for payment.
  • All sheer voile curtains are either hand or machine made, this meaning is slightly different than other lined or interlined type curtains. Handmade is when the tape or pinches are machined into place but the sides and hems are handmade. Machinemade is when the sheer curtain is entirely machined.
  • Sheer curtains may have tension ripples down each side. This is kept to a bare minimum, but it sometimes unavoidable due to the thin nature of sheer/voile fabrics.
  • We cannot advise on every single fabric suitability, especially if it has been specified by others, so please note that should any tension ripples in your sheer curtain be unacceptable to you, the curtains will need to be re-made in an alternative fabric and this will be chargeable.
  • If your roman blinds are machine-made, you will see the machine lines when the blind is down and if its blackout, you will see the light through the machine holes. It is not possible to interline machine-made products.
  • All handmade blinds are stab stitched on the rod pockets across the blindfolds, this will be visible and may produce light bleed through the small holes if the sun is shining on the back of your blinds.
  • All roman blinds, if manually operated, will come with an Evans breakaway headrail. This is the most child-safe roman blind hardware in the industry. Should you require an alternative headrail, this will be an additional cost and must be indicated to us at the time of pricing.
  • Wave curtains should not be interlined, we recommend against this.
  • Wave curtains can be standard lined or blackout lined. Please note that should this be specified, the wave effect at the bottom may be slightly distorted compared to an unlined wave curtain and may also flare flat slightly on the leading edge.